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A Big Welcome to all Fiber, Dairy, and Meat Goat Breeds

Welcome to Goat Expo!

Welcome to the Goat Expo website, the ultimate destination for dairy, fiber, and meat goat breeders!

The Goat Expo is a unique event that brings together breeders from different parts of the world to share ideas, showcase their goats, and learn from one another. Whether you are a seasoned breeder or just starting out, the Goat Expo has something for everyone.

At the Expo, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with other breeders, learn about the latest breeding techniques, and get a firsthand look at some of the best goats in the industry. We offer a variety of educational seminars, workshops, and panel discussions on topics such as breeding, nutrition, health, and marketing.

In addition to learning and networking, the Goat Expo also offers a chance to showcase your own goats. Our show ring features classes for dairy, fiber, and meat goats, and our judges are experts in their fields. You’ll have the opportunity to compete against other breeders, receive feedback on your goats, and even win prizes!

Whether you’re looking to expand your knowledge, make new connections, or showcase your own goats, the Goat Expo is the event for you. So mark your calendars and join us for an unforgettable weekend of goats, education, and fun!

¡Bienvenido al sitio web de la Expo de Cabras, el destino final para criadores de cabras lecheras, de fibra y de carne!

La Expo de Cabras es un evento único que reúne a criadores de diferentes partes del mundo para compartir ideas, exhibir sus cabras y aprender unos de otros. Ya sea que seas un criador experimentado o recién estés comenzando, la Expo de Cabras tiene algo para todos.

En la Expo, tendrás la oportunidad de conectarte con otros criadores, aprender sobre las últimas técnicas de cría y ver de primera mano algunas de las mejores cabras de la industria. Ofrecemos una variedad de seminarios educativos, talleres y paneles de discusión sobre temas como cría, nutrición, salud y marketing.

Además de aprender y establecer redes, la Expo de Cabras también ofrece la oportunidad de exhibir tus propias cabras. Nuestro ring de exhibición presenta clases para cabras lecheras, de fibra y de carne, y nuestros jueces son expertos en sus campos. Tendrás la oportunidad de competir contra otros criadores, recibir comentarios sobre tus cabras e incluso ¡ganar premios!

Ya sea que busques expandir tu conocimiento, hacer nuevas conexiones o exhibir tus propias cabras, la Expo de Cabras es el evento para ti. ¡Así que marca tus calendarios y únete a nosotros para un fin de semana inolvidable de cabras, educación y diversión!

  1. Customer Form
  2. Youth Form
  3. Goat Information Form

First, input your customer Farm/Ranch Information.  Add your logo to advertise your business.

Decide which events you would like to enter and attend.

If you have a child attending a camp or youth show, please use the Youth Form to enter their information.

If you are showing goat(s) in any show or consigning to the sale, you will input the goat information in the form.


Our vision for the Goat Expo is to bring together a community of goat enthusiasts from all over the world, where they can discover, learn, and engage with the latest advancements in goat farming, breeding, and technology. We want to foster an environment that celebrates the unique characteristics and benefits of raising goats, and inspires everyone to take a proactive role in promoting sustainable, ethical, and profitable goat farming practices. We aim to be the premier event in the industry that serves as a platform for innovation, education, networking, and collaboration, and that ultimately contributes to the growth and prosperity of the goat farming community.


The Goat Expo features educational seminars and workshops for goat farmers and enthusiasts. These sessions cover topics such as goat health, nutrition, breeding, selection, and marketing.

Visitors can also browse through vendor booths showcasing the latest goat equipment, feed, and supplies. For those interested in the fiber goat industry, we have felting and spinning demos and crafts.  On the dairy side of the goat industry, there are also cheese making and milking demos available.

The Goat Expo is a great opportunity for goat breeders and farmers to network, learn new techniques, and showcase their goats to potential buyers and offer them for sale to the public on the first Saturday in June each year, at the Midwest Buck Sale. Whether you're a seasoned goat farmer or just starting out, the Goat Expo is a must-attend event for all those in the goat industry.

In addition to all of this are the Youth Goat Camps, youth activities,  and the market and breed shows with evaluations of stock.  There are National Titles and Awards announced as the exhibitors bring their best quality animals from across the nation.



  • Boer Goat Course
  • Goat Producers Course
  • Youth Goat Camps



  • Boer Goat Congress
  • Dairy Youth Fun Show
  • Market Wether Show
  • Market Doe Show
  • JABGA Show
  • ABGA Show
  • MGR Myotonic Show



  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Obstacle Course
  • Costume Contest
  • Goat Trivia Contest
  • Fitting Contest (entry fee)
  • Showmanship
  • Herdsman Award




  • Spanish Goat Association Annual Membership Meeting
  • Pot Luck Dinner
  • Costume Contest
  • Fitting Contest (Entry Fee)
  • Showmanship (donation, fund raiser)
  • Buck Alley
  • Meat Goat Trax
  • Value Added Vendor Day, Market



  • Value Added Vendor Day is free to those that create and market products from goats & sheep.  If you raise other types of farm products, we invite you to join us Saturday, June 3, 9 am-4pm.Please check the Master Schedule for more setup information.
  • FORM



  • June 3, 2023
  • 2:30 pm Live Auction begins
  • Online Bidding Begins May 31 12:01am


  • BUCK
  • DOE
  • DOE & KID(S)

Breeders may select the way they want to sell their stock.  Doe & Kid(s) sell for one money, as a group and 3 Yearling Does sell for a final bid X 3. example, final bid $500.  that is multiplied by 3. total is $1500. for all three yearling does. There is one entry fee ($15.) for 3 yearling does as a group and one entry fee, ($15.) for the group of a Doe & Kid(s).

9% commission on the final bid.  Sellers may set a reserve.



As a goat breeder, there are several important factors to consider when raising goats. Here are some key aspects that to prioritize:

  1. Health and well-being: The health and well-being of the goats is top priority in importance. This involves providing them with a balanced complete diet and clean water, ensuring they have proper shelter from the elements, and keeping their living area clean and hygienic. Regular veterinary check-ups and vaccinations are also recommended to prevent the spread of disease.

  2. Genetics and breeding: Breeding goats with desirable traits, such as strong immune systems, good milk production, and a docile temperament, is crucial to producing high-quality offspring. It’s important to carefully select breeding stock based on keep/cull factors, as well as their overall health and selective genetics.

  3. Environmental factors: Goats are social animals and require adequate space and resources to thrive. Ensuring that they have enough space to move around, access to pasture or other vegetation, and enough shelter to protect them from the elements is important for their overall health and well-being.

  4. Nutritional needs: Providing goats with a balanced diet that meets their nutritional needs is important for their growth, reproduction, and overall health. This may involve providing them with hay, grains, and other supplements, depending on their individual needs and the type of goat being raised.

  5. Management and care: Regular care and management of the goats is also important. This includes grooming, hoof trimming, and monitoring their behavior for signs of illness or injury. Maintaining records of their health and breeding history can also be helpful in tracking their progress and ensuring they receive appropriate care.

Space under the pavilion is limited, please sign up early. Booth space is 10’X10′.  If you need additional space, please let us know.

VENDOR SPACE – We have options for vendors.

May 31-June 3, June 2 & 3, or June 3 only.

Please bring your canopies, tables, chairs, & anything else you need for your vendor booth.  You may use a canopy under the pavilion.  All canopies must have straight legs.  Canopies with legs on an angle cannot be used.

  • Commercial Equipment Vendors  20’X20′ outside, $165.00  (one 8′ table and two folding chairs are included)
  • Independent Small Vendors – 10’X10′ outside, $100.00, under the pavilion, $125.00
  • Electric $25.00 (must provide your own extension cord)


  • Tables 8′ – $10.
  • Folding Chairs – $5. each.

Vendor set up: May 30, 4-10 pm  /  Take down: June 3, 4- 10 pm  /  Early take down: June 2, 4-7 pm

Vendors Attending: June 2 & 3, Set up June 1, 4-9 pm or 6-8 am June 2.

Vendors Attending June 3 only. Set up June 2 – 4-9 pm or June 3 – 6-8 am.

Vendors may depart June 4, prior to 10 am.

Vendors must be open 9 am – 4 pm daily.

Please use this Vendor Form so we may advertise your business.

We have space for roughly 100+ booths on site.  Let’s make this another really fun event!

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Because we genuinely care about your success.


Learning opportunities are vital to the success of the goat farmer/breeder. haring experiences is important because not every situation works across the board. Access to updated information is key.


We celebrate the diversity of our community breeders. We encourage breeders to share their cultures and traditions with each other. The goat community is a wonderful world of experiences.


We Foster an environment where members may trust each other. We feel it begins by being honest and transparent with breeders, and encouraging breeders to share their thoughts and opinions.


Community and Communication is key to creating a strong environment. We encourage community breeders to communicate with each other through messaging, phone calls, forums, or events.

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This three-day event is a unique opportunity for goat producers of all levels to learn from leading experts in the field and network with fellow breeders.

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Attention farmers and ranchers! Are you ready to showcase all your hard work and dedication in breeding the best animals? We have great news for you! Selling your livestock has never been easier. Show your breeding skills and get recognition by placing your animals up for auction starting May 31 at 12:01 am. With proper advertising, your animals will be in high demand, and will receive high bids in no time! Make sure your animals are healthy and capable of producing offspring because we know you care about the well-being of your stock. So, get ready for this auction and see your profits increase!

¡Atención, agricultores y ganaderos! ¿Están listos para mostrar todo su arduo trabajo y dedicación en la cría de los mejores animales? ¡Tenemos excelentes noticias para ustedes! Vender sus animales compuestos nunca ha sido más fácil. Demuestren sus habilidades de cría y obtengan reconocimiento colocando sus animales en subasta a partir del 31 de mayo a las 12:01 am. Con una publicidad adecuada, sus animales estarán en alta demanda, ¡y recibirán pujas altas en poco tiempo! No olviden asegurarse de que sus animales estén sanos y sean capaces de producir crías, porque sabemos que se preocupan por el bienestar de sus amigos peludos. ¡Así que prepárense para esta subasta y vean cómo aumentan sus ganancias!


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